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Henry Tribute Editions are lever action rifles designed to commemorate organizations such as the Shriners Fraternal Order of Eagles and the military and other groups including American farmers truckers and coal miners. A Tribute Editions American walnut stock is typically laser etched or hand-painted to depict the institution it commemorates and its engraved receiver may be plated with 24K gold. Henry Tribute Editions are built on the Golden Boy or Big Boy platform and accordingly feature an octagonal blued steel barrel adjustable buckhorn sights and tubular magazine.
Action Type Lever Action Repeating – Caliber .22 SLLR – Capacity 16 rounds .22 LR 21 rounds .22 Short – Stock American Walnut – Sights Semi-Buckhorn White Diamond Brass Beaded – Finish Brass Blued Metal – Length 38.5 – Barrel Length 20 – Weight 6.75 lbs. – Americans dial 911 and ask for assistance at the most traumatic of times. In medical crises the first professionals to respond from dispatch are those of our communities Emergency Medical Services system. In recognition and thanks for their immediate and skilled commitment to our medical care Henry is pleased to produce The EMS tribute Edition Golden Boy Rifle. The Henry Repeating Rifle was chosen for several reasons. All Henry Rifles are authentically produced assembled and engraved in The United States by American craftsmen. The Henry Rifle is known for its reliability accuracy and value as well as having the smoothest engineered actions in the land. The Henry Rifle is an historic piece of Americana. The EMS Tribute Rifle honors all of those in the system who help to preserve life prevent further injury and promote recovery. In visual salute to this vital and selfless role the American Walnut wooden stock is laser etched and hand painted with various iconic images including a medevac helicopter hovering above the rhythmic horizon an EMS ambulance used to facilitate patient care and a depiction of a paramedic and an emergency medical technician after attending to a persons medical needs. On the wood forearm is the universally recognized EMS blue Star of Life emblem with the Rod of Aesculapius. Included is a guiding principal in text SO OTHERS MAY LIVE underscored by a graphic sinus rhythm.
These images, text and scroll on both sides of the receiver have been cut by hand engraver Heidi Roos on a master plate and through a mechanical transfer the scroll is impressed directly onto the nickel plated receiver cover retaining all of the hand engraved elements and bright cuts of the original. Specific elements are then plated with 24 kt. gold.
This special Tribute Rifle honors our nation’s Emergency Medical Service heroes who provide essential life support to anyone in need 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

UPC 619835016270
Caliber 22 S/L/LR
Capacity 16 122LR OR 21 122S ROUNDS
Barrel Length 20 BARREL
Weight 6.8