HENRY H015-12


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Whether you like the simple operation, the reliable action, the nostalgia factor of hunting with a one-shot shotgun, or the uncomplicated first-gun introduction for a new shotgunner, Henry built the Single Shot shotgun for a wide audience. They’ll put on a show you’ll enjoy for years to come. Like the single-shot rifle, there’s no manual safety on these shotguns. They wear American walnut with a solid black rubber recoil pad on the steel-framed models, and a smooth brass buttplate on the brightly polished brass-framed models. The barrels are black matte finished.
The Henry H015-12 Single Shot shotgun is exactly what the name implies a single barrel, single shot, break action shotgun. It’s proudly made in America and is a great option for hunters looking to get a simple and dependable scatter gun. This model has an improved modified choke and includes the owner’s manual.

UPC GDC0000012323
Gauge 12 GA
Capacity 1
Barrel Length 28 BARREL
Weight 6.6 LBS.
Finish BLUE